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Linux Mint

Learn Linux by detailed tutorials, step by step solutions, best practices, cheatsheets and short articles. How to install Linux, How to use Ubuntu and Linux Mint, install drivers, Linux Best Applications, Video Tutorials, Linux for programming, Linux and Python, Linux and Java, Linux comparisson with Windows.

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Learn and master Pandas library - by example with basic and advanced examples. Pandas is very popular Data Science tool which helps to: manipulate, explore and visualize data in an extremely efficient manner. Learn how to create Pandas DataFrame and Series, transform and use them.

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Python and Linux are great combination for automation. Here you can find simple automation tasks which can help your workflows and daily routine. Automation examples by writing small Python programs and Linux Scripts.

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Learn MySQL by step by step tutorials, best practices and examples. How to install MySQL on Linux, How to change password of user, MySQL and Python, MySQL basics, Joins, CRUD operations, embedded selects, nested update queries, concatenation. MySQL diagrams, MySQL SSH setup, MySQL tools.

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In this section you can find useful applications, sites, services and more. If you search for best apps for Linux, Android, Linux games - this is the right place! How to install Chrome on Ubuntu? Best Python IDE? Music player? Video Editing? Text Editors? Versioning Control?

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Computer Tutorials and lessons for programmers and WIndows 10. Find your way round Windows 10. Learn how to use Windows for programming and setup your enviroment. How to install Python, Java and more. Automation and Data Science in Windows are possible.

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