Python Basics

Python 3 How to Subtract Time

If you need to do simple time measurement - the

Python 3 compare two dictionary keys and values

In this article you can see how to compare two

Python declare multiple variables

Python allow you to declare and initialize more than one

Python change current directory(up to parent) 3 Examples

Getting the current folder and moving one or several levels

Python string find, like and contains examples

Python offers several different ways to check if a string

Python how to print pretty table from dictionary or list

Python offers several different ways of beautifying the output of

How to get first/last N elements of dictionary in Python

Getting the first or last element of a dictionary Python

Python Multiline Comments Or How To Comment Multiple Lines

Python has several ways to comment multiple lines in Python. Python multiline comment would look like to: # This is a # multi-line comment

Python how to pretty print data - JSON, XML, dict

In this post: * Python pretty print JSON indent 4 sort

Python test performance and measure time elapsed in seconds

Three four ways of measuring time in Python: * start = time.