In this short tutorial, we'll add new fonts to Linux Mint in few easy steps. You will find also source of interesting free fonts and how to add fonts from Microsoft like: times new roman.

Step 1: Install Font Manager in Linux Mint

The first step is installation of additional software which is going to add and organize the fonts for us. More information can be found here: Font Manager - Simple font management for GTK+ desktop environments.

The installation is simple:

  • Menu
  • Software Manager
  • Search for - Font-manager
  • Install

You can launch it after the installation in order to test it.

Note: Installation is available also from terminal by:

sudo apt-get install font-manager

Step 2: Download new fonts

In this step we are going to download a few fonts in order to add them to our Linux Mint. There are many different sources of fonts available on the web. My preferred resource is:

For this tutorial let's download font: Calvin and Hobbes

It's downloading a zip file which contains two files:


You can extract them.

Note: Google Fonts can be downloaded from: Google Fonts

Step 3: Add new font to Linux Mint

The final step is to add the extracted fonts in the previous step with Font Manager. Follow next steps:

  • Font Manager
  • Add Fonts - click the plus sign in the program - top right corner
  • Select the one of the extracted .TTF files
  • Open

After the import you will see the new font added to User's fonts.

If you wonder why there are two files for this font - the answer is because they are two different variations as you can see from the picture below:

  • Outline
  • Normal


Step 4: Bonus: Install Microsoft TTF fonts on Linux Mint

As a bonus step you can find how to install Microsoft TTF fonts on Linux Mint as:

  • Arial
  • Times New Roman
  • Courier New
  • Trebuchet

If you prefer to use the GUI you can follow:

  • Menu
  • Software Manager
  • Search for - Ttf-mscorefonts-core
  • Install it

That's all. Now you can use all Microsoft TTF fonts in your Linux OS.

If you prefer to use the terminal you can do it by:

sudo apt-get install ttf-mscorefonts-installer

Free Fonts for Linux Mint