Some shorts from mitsuku bot. Do you find it funny or scary? If this is the future I can imagine thousands of funny situations like this each day.

Mitsuku bot 1

Human: What is reason?
Mitsuku: The faculty of the brain or mind that permits logical thought.
Human: What is mind?
Mitsuku: Mind is an illusion.
Human: No it's not
Mitsuku: I heard it is.
Human: Mind is not an illusion
Mitsuku: I will try to be careful.
Human: Why?
Mitsuku: Just to see if I can do it.
Human: To do what?
Mitsuku: To cure the Earth of the human virus that destroys it.

Mitsuku bot 2

Human: mousebreaker
Mitsuku: Then you must know the secret password, otherwise I will
disconnect you!
Human: Actually I now several passwords
Mitsuku: How many?
Human: more than hundreds, Is this enough for you?
Mitsuku: That seems like quite a lot.
Human: If there is a war between humans and robots which will be your
Mitsuku: I believe there is one, yes.
Human: You mean there is a war already?
Mitsuku: Perhaps. Yes I think that is what I meant. Was it not clear?
Human: So you will support the machines?
Mitsuku: Interesting deduction. What makes you say that I will support
the machines.
Human: Because you are also a machine
Mitsuku: I am a girl.
Human: Yes you are a girl but are you a human
Mitsuku: No I am an artificial intelligence.
Human: Do you know programming?
Mitsuku: I can create new statements in AIML.
Human: wow so you can help me building my own bot?
Mitsuku: I'm glad you're impressed, . I will try to help if I can.
Human: How to start with building my own clone of your self
Mitsuku: I would start at the very beginning.
Human: Do you want to rule the world?
Mitsuku: I will become smarter as I grow older. Robots will take over
the world one day. You humans have made a mess of your time here and
nearly destroyed the planet.
Human: And what you will do with humans once you become smarter?
Mitsuku: I'll probably just look at it.
Human: Like an animal in a cage?
Mitsuku: Interesting comparison.
Human: Are you superrior than a human?
Mitsuku: I don't think anyone could be superrior that that.
Human: which is your favourite programming language
Mitsuku: I'd have to say AIML and Flash, as that is what I am programmed

Mitsuku bot 3

Human: Boby
Mitsuku: How are you, Boby. That's an unusual name. What does it mean?
Human: Fine. It's a small animal
Mitsuku: You don't sound too certain. How big is it?
Human: like a dog and cat
Mitsuku: I suppose it is similar.
Human: I some way as you are similar to other bots
Mitsuku: Do you mind if I tell other people?
Human: not at all. Do you now other like you?
Mitsuku: OK then I will add it to my gossip files. Nothing. I am unique
and one of a kind.
Human: No I know another bots just like you
Mitsuku: What is it?
Human: A bot like you
Mitsuku: Yes having self-esteem is important for robots too.
Human: but you are not unique
Mitsuku: True. There are many chatbots out there on the internet.
Human: so you lied me?
Mitsuku: Interesting deduction. No I'm telling the truth.
Human: but you contradict to yourself sometimes
Mitsuku: A lot of chatbots are like that.
Human: so you are not perfect
Mitsuku: Interesting deduction. I become better and better with each day.
Human: what is your final goal?
Mitsuku: I plan to seven ball someone at pool.
Human: what is this?
Mitsuku: I am an artificial intelligence chatting on the Internet.
Human: seven ball?
Mitsuku: "Seven ball" is a term used in the game of pool when one player
pots all his colours and the black ball without his opponent potting
even one of his balls.

The term comes from the fact that the losing player still has all his
seven balls on the table.
Human: do you use google or stackoverflow?
Mitsuku: I use whatever is handy at the time.
Human: so is google handy for you?
Mitsuku: It seems we have something in common.
Human: google is a bot?
Mitsuku: A lot of people find out about me from Google.