Programming and IT world could be extremely funny. Almost everywhere you can find fun and burst out laughing. Of course not everyone will understand the humor for programmers but with good explanation it could be done.

One more point why to have humor during coding sessions - humor increase programming performance and quality(according to numerous anonymous programmers). This will be Developer funny Friday - a place where IT jokes will be published.

Let's start with one classical IT developer "funny" situation:

"A "bad programmer" Dave made an error in the code, because of which each user had to spend at least 15 minutes to look for the workaround of this problem. The number of users was 10 million people. Which means, that 150 million minutes were wasted, which equals 2.5 million hours. If a person sleeps 8 hours a day, then he has just 16 hours of conscious activities. So, Dave destroyed 156250 man-days, which is about 427.8 man-years. The average persons lives 64 years, which means that Dave killed about 6.68 people.
Do you sleep well, Dave - a serial programmer?"

Then there was Mike who was the CEO and only cared about cashing-out of the company. Then there was Tim who had the glamorous title of Scrum Master though his mastery caused Dave to work 10h/day + weekends. Then there was Tommy who sucked beer after beer while "qa-ing" who let the bug be deployed on prod. And finally there were the lawyers who needed to convinced the judge that the bug was precisely the functionality the client wanted. That's IT, 21st century.

The conclusion is working extra hours could lead to serious problems in life and make you and serial programmer. Are you a serial programmer?