1. Summary

In this post we will check how to quickly enable or disable Firefox dark mode for all sites. We will cover several option and solutions:

  • complete change
  • daytime change of dark of light mode
  • site preferences

2. How to Enable/Disable Firefox Dark Mode without extensions

Dark mode in Firefox can be enabled and disabled in a few simple steps without any extensions. To do so you need to change the Firefox theme:

  • Open Firefox
  • Open Settings ( the hamburger menu or the gear icon in the top right)
  • Add-ons and Themes - CTRL + SHIFT+ A
  • Go to Themes
  • To enable Dark Mode
    • Select a theme with a dark color scheme
  • To disable Dark Mode in Firefox
    • Select a theme with a light color scheme

Why some sites are shown in Dark Mode in Firefox

This might answer the questions: why some sites like github.com are shown in dark mode in Firefox and not in Chrome. The answer is that changing the Firefox theme will change user experience for some sites.

I was searching for this answer for months... Personally I didn't expect changing the Firefox theme to change the site experience.

3. Auto Enable ( Disable ) Dark mode based on time with automaticDark

What about having automated way to change Dark mode depending on the daytime? This is possible with Firefox extension: automaticDark.

This simple Firefox extension allows you to automatically switch between your themes (dark or light) based on the current time.

It offers two modes:

  • automatic change of sunrise/sunset times
  • manual adjustment of the times

As a bonus the extension can sync with the OS settings for dark mode!

4. Enable or Disable Dark mode for all sites with Dark Reader

To enable or disable dark mode for every site you can use an extension called: Dark Reader.

This extensions is highly customizable:

  • brightness
  • contrast
  • sepia filter
  • dark mode
  • font settings
  • ignore-list

So if you like to override the settings for a site and completely ignore it - you can do all that with Dark Reader.

The extension works good enough for most websites by inverting bright colors while preserving the high contrast.

It's ads free. To work you need to disable similar apps.

5. Conclusion

We covered multiple ways to switch between dark and light themes in Firefox. We find the answer why some sites are in dark mode in Firefox but not in Chrome.

Also we saw automatic change based on daytime and how to enable dark mode for all sites in Firefox.

Happy to see your feedback and comments!