To get the current time in hours and minutes in Linux bash, you can use the date command and specify the %H and %M format options to print the hour and minute respectively.

For example:

date +"%H:%M"



This will output the current hour and minute in the format HH:MM.


Note that this will print the time in the local timezone of the system on which the command is run.

To print the time in a different timezone, you can use the TZ environment variable. For example:

TZ='Europe/Paris' date +"%H:%M"



This will print the current time in Paris, Europe.

More ways to get time in Bash

date +"%m %d %Y %H:%M:%S"

Get the current time with date and seconds:

01 04 2023 15:35:57

Use awk to get current time in Linux

date|awk '{print $4}'

Get the current time with seconds:


Get current time in Bash - printf

To get current time in bash with printf we can use:

printf "%(%H:%M)T\n"

This prints locale time - hour and minute: