Yesterday I updated my Github profile and I notice problems with the new information. It was visible on some pages but not on other. My idea was to see the updated information on a related site which is using Github account info. I ended up with the idea that time is needed for synchronization of the changes.

This morning I was trying to merge two workspaces, create tags for commits and a release. I faced really strange behavior coming from the site interface. Showing misleading information, endless loading and not processing the correct information. A single page of commits was showing different result on each refresh.

Later on I found that there is a serious problem in Github for Europe(maybe Asia too). I found this article:

Github: Major Service Outage

There you can find this information:

Git hosting itself is working. It's the website that is broken, effectively in read-only mode. So comments, pull requests, milestones, tickets etc are non-functional. Also various API integrations with CI etc are affected

I heard many complaints for the Microsoft acquired Github and the possible problems afterwards. Who knows maybe this is the first sign of them.

So far I'm trying to find is there any missing information or problems due to the outage. If you want to read more about the real problem you can visit the official Github blog:

October 21 Incident Report

At 10:52 pm Sunday UTC, multiple services on were affected by a network partition and subsequent database failure resulting in inconsistent information being presented on our website. Out of an abundance of caution we have taken steps to ensure the integrity of your data, including pausing webhook events and other internal processing systems.

Github is still down. You can check the status here: Github status