Problem Unknown name value for enum

The main reason for this problem is empty value for a enum column in grails table. This often occurs during updates of grails version or changing GORM.

Other version of the error could be:

Unknown name value [] for enum class [BookList]
Unknown name value ['Spanish'] for enum class [LanguageEnum]

Solution Fill missing data

Update the DB and set the column with allowed values in order to fix this problem

update story set language = 1

Solution change enum type

Another common problem for enums in grails is to have different type definition for the enum. You can easily fix this by adding this line in your domain:

static mapping = {
		bookType enumType : "ordinal"

More info

Upgrading from Grails 1.0.x

Data Mapping Changes

  1. Enum types are now mapped using their String value rather than the ordinal value. You can revert to the old behavior by changing your mapping as follows:

static mapping = {
someEnum enumType:"ordinal"