In this post you can find how to install specific package versions with pip and Python.

(1) Install specific package version in Python

pip install moviepy==1.0.2

(2) Install package between two versions

pip install 'moviepy>=1.3.0,<2.0.0'

(3) Install package ignore installed

pip install -Iv moviepy==1.2.2


  • -I - ignore installed package
  • -v - verbose - will give more output
  • -Iv is combining two flags into one

(4) Upgrade or downgrade to specific Python version

pip install 'moviepy==2.0.0' --force-reinstall

(5) Install specific pre-release version in Python

pip install 'moviepy>=1.0.3' --pre

To check which is the installed version of a given Python package use:

from importlib.metadata import version



You can read more about pip install here: