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  • Intellij open multiple projects
  • Intellij open multiple windows

Intellij open multiple projects

If you want to work with multiple projects at once in Intellij(I've tested with 3 at once):

  • Go to File
  • Open
  • Choose your project
  • You will be asked where to open the project:

New projects can either be opened in a new window or replace the project in the existing window. How would you like to open the project?

  • Select New Window
  • You can select it by default.

If the project has been opened before then you can do:

  • Go to File
  • Open Recent
  • Select New Window

Intellij open multiple windows

If you want to work with multiple code projects in Intellij you can do it by:

  • Go to a Project

  • Navigate to your method

  • Press


  • new window is opened with your method