Funny laws of the 'real' programmer. If you are a real programmer you will know at least 3 of those laws:

  1. Love your PC, Language, Framework, OS as yourself.
  2. If you see that someone is doing a regression, help him.
  3. Work and coding are holy, so don't touch them.
  4. If you can develop something tomorrow, don't do it today.
  5. If someone wants to code your program, let him do it.
  6. If you have a desire to program, sit and wait until it disappear.
  7. If the work and coding give pleasure, let people who need pleasure do it. You probably have enough already.
  8. All programs are born with defects let be tolerant to their defects.
  9. Every little defect can grow in a beauty feature.
  10. The more you code, the more defects you produce.
  11. What one programmer can do it for a month. Two can do it for three months.

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