One of the things that I really love in Linux Mint is freedom and simplicity. If you want to customize your panel you are free to do it in many ways.

In this post it's shown how to add any folder as shortcut at your panel and to customize icon on your need.

  • Go to Menu
  • Select submenu Accessoaries
  • Find Files
  • Right click
    • Select Add to Panel
  • Right click on the newly added icon on your panel
    • Select Edit
  • Select Icon - by clicking the icon
    • browse and select your favorite image
  • Select Name
  • On Command select your path
    • nemo %U - starts your user folder - /home/user
    • nemo %UDownloads - starts - /home/user/Downloads
    • nemo /home/user/Music - opens: /home/user/Music
  • Select Comment - optional

The application is nemo which is going to open your targeted folder.

The same way you can add new applications to your panel. They will be added to section: Panel Launchers.

In case of missing Panel Launchers it can be added simply by:

  • Right click on the panel that you want to be customized
  • Add applets to the panel
  • Select Panel Launchers
  • By right click the applet can be customized