Editing and customizing main menu of Linux Mint is easy task which can be done by:

  • Right-click Menu
  • Configure
  • Tab Menu
  • Open the menu editor
  • You can use custom icon or change Menu name

Now you can change, remove or edit applications and categories. For example adding new item like Chrome browser:

  • Select category - Internet
  • New Item
  • Enter details:
    • Name: Google Chrome
    • Command: /usr/bin/google-chrome-stable %U
    • Comment: Access the Internet
    • Icon: /usr/share/icons/Mint-X/apps/96/google-chrome.svg

You can edit existing app by:

  • Select category - Internet
  • Select Item
  • Properties

Edit Menu Linux Mint

If you add new icon to a category then you can add it to the panel by:

  • Menu
  • Internet
  • right-click Chrome icon
  • Add to panel

If you want to change the Linux Mint theme then you can do:

  • Menu
  • Preferences
  • Themes
  • Select themes for:
    • Windows
    • Icons
    • Controls
    • Mouse pointer

This is my setup:

Linux Mint 19 themes