You can change the password of the Linux Mint user by using:

  • terminal
  • user interface

Video covering the article: Linux Mint 19 How to change user password

Note: You can check Linux Mint password policy, change other user password or how to use short password here: How to Change Password in Linux Mint Advanced

Using the user interface is easier for inexperienced users. The only issue is that there are requirements for the new password like:

  • password length
  • special characters
  • capital and lower case letters

All this requirements can be skipped if you use the terminal. In order to change your password with the UI do:

  • Menu
  • Administration
  • Users and groups
  • Select user
  • Click on Password string
  • In the new dialog you will be asked for new password
  • Enter the password
  • If the password match all requirements you can change it

In case of missing requirement you will see warning:

Bad: new password is too simple

If you want to use the terminal you can type:


And then you will be asked for the current password:

Changing password for user.
(current) UNIX password: 
passwd: Authentication token manipulation error
passwd: password unchanged