Deleting a git branch from GitHub or BitBucket can be done in two ways with PyCharm / IntelliJ:

  • by terminal
  • by UI

More info about managing branches with PyCharm / IntelliJ:

Delete git branch by terminal - locally and remotely

How to delete local branch in PyCharm by using the terminal:

git branch --delete <branch>

how to delete remote branch in PyCharm:

git push origin --delete <branch>


Delete a branch. The branch must be fully merged in its upstream branch, or in HEAD if no upstream was set with --track or --set-upstream-to.

Shortcut for --delete --force.

Finally the change can be propagated on other machines by:

git fetch --all --prune


git-fetch - Download objects and refs from another repository
Fetch all remotes.

Delete git branch by GUI - locally and remotely

If you are not confident with the terminal commands you can follow the next steps:

  • Open the PyCharm project where you want to delete the branch
  • Update the project with latest updates (optional)
    • VCS
    • Git
    • Pull ( You can do also fetch in order to get all branch changes)
  • Delete the local branch
    • Go to branches
    • Change the selected branch to another one(you cannot delete a branch if you are using it)
    • Select the local branch that you want to delete
    • Show context menu
    • Delete
  • Delete the remote branch
    • Go to branches
    • Select the remote branch that you want to delete (again you need to have more than one branch in order to delete it)
    • Show context menu
    • Delete
    • Finally you need to push the changes to the server
      • VCS
      • Git
      • Push

Note: In order to propagate the changes to other machines you will need to fetch the changes by:
* Git
* Fecth