If you want to collect signatures of all methods in a single file in PyCharm/IntelliJ the you can follow this steps:

  • Open the file
  • Find - CTRL-F
  • Check Regex
  • Enter text for searching:
    • python - def.*:
    • java - (public|protected|private|static|\s) +[\w<>[]]+\s+(\w+) ([^)]) *({?|[^;])
  • Click show Find tab - the magnifying glass, the third button, after the arrows with description All
  • In the Find Tab select all methods
  • Copy - CTRL-C


The same can be applied for more files simply by changing the search scope:

  • Find - CTRL-SHIFT-F
  • Select scope
    • In project
    • Module
    • Scope
    • Directory

If you want to find the classes and the methods at the same time you can use this example for python:



class Fibon:
    def next(self):
def fib(i):
def fibMemo(i):
def fibBottom(i):
def bench(it):