PyCharm/IntelliJ allow you to change the color themes with a few click. You can even use automated changes for dark and white themes based on daytime.

PyCharm/IntelliJ is a great tool which can contribute for better code and reliable programming environment. There is a proverb:

Know yourself to lead yourself

I would say something similar for IDE:

Know your IDE to code better

If you want to learn more about IntelliJ/PyCharm themes and colors then you can visit this page:

IntelliJ/PyCharm performance and beauty tips

Video Tutorial

Fast switch of color schema(dark/white theme)

If you code during the day and the night you may want to have a quick way to switch from dark to white themes. This can be done with PyCharm/IntelliJ by using keyshort cuts:

  1. Open Switch menu Ctrl+` (open menu)
  2. Color Schema - 1
  3. Select a theme - by entering number

In this way with a few clicks you can change the theme.

Automated change of color schema(dark/white theme)

Based on your timezone or personal preferences you can schedule an automated changes for the color schemes of your PyCharm/IntelliJ. Usually you would like to have: dark for night and white for day - then you can use a pluggin which name is: Chronomorph

Description of the plugin:

Automatically switches the IDE theme and color scheme base don the time of day.

How to use it:

Simply specify one or several change points under Settings -> Appearance & Behavior -> Appearance -> Chronomorph and let the plugin automatically apply the appropriate theme and color scheme.

So go to:

  • Settings
  • Appearance & Behavior
  • Appearance
  • Chronomorph
  • Select by change point
    • Time
    • Theme
    • Color Scheme
  • Select by daylight
    • Latitude
    • Longitude
    • Day theme
    • Night theme


Note: the plugin raise some errors so you can report them to the author:

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