Best practices

A best practice is a method or technique that produces results that are superior to those achieved by other means. Best practices are used to maintain high quality in short terms. Find best practices from the world of Programming, Data Science, Automation and more

Python Naming Convention Examples for Classes, Variables, Underscore, Files

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6 Best Practices for Gmail to Boost Your Workflow

1. Use labels 2. Create ToDo folder 3. Open Gmail at a given time 4. Keep your inbox clean 5. Use mail templates 6. Customize Theme 7. Gmail scheduling and automation

Discord group and free live sessions for beginners in programming

Hey guys. I plan to do experiment with teaching programming

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24 Practical Performance Tips for Programmers

Do you want to be better programmer? Do you want

Better programmer: do working plan

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Programming Best Practices - practical tips

Programming Best Practices for any language like: * JavaScript * Java * Python

IntelliJ/PyCharm performance and beauty tips

This post contains some productivity, performance and code beautifying tips.