PyCharm/IntelliJ: Locate current open file in Project view

By default Always Select Opened File or Autoscroll from Source

PyCharm 2019+ Change File Association and File Types

PyCharm / IntelliJ recognize most file types automatically by catalog of

PyCharm/IntelliJ fast and auto change of the color theme

PyCharm/IntelliJ allow you to change the color themes with

PyCharm/IntelliJ 403 Forbidden for git push -u origin master

Error 403 is very common error and can be caused

PyCharm Bitbucket git credentials for Google account

If you have an Bitbucket account created by signing up

PyCharm/IntelliJ push changes from development to master

This article describes the optimal sequence for pushing code from

PyCharm/IntelliJ 18 This file is indented with tabs instead of 4 spaces

In PyCharm / IntelliJ you can see yellow notification of the

Linux Mint 19 Lock Screen and IntelliJ/PyCharm Reformat Code

Linux Mint and IntellijJ/PyCharm has collision about screen lock

Ubuntu 18/IntelliJ check and install Java SDK/JDK

Update November 2019: The correct way to install Oracle JDK

IntelliJ/PyCharm surround string with quotes

If you want to surround selected string or text in