ThisJava tutorial series focuses is designed for students and working professionals. It covers the basics and advanced examples with explanation and code snippets. In these tutorials, we'll deep dive into a core concepts like strings, arrays, lists, maps, lambda..

Selenium get several child elements(ordered) from parent

If you want to get information from a table or

PyCharm/IntelliJ 18 This file is indented with tabs instead of 4 spaces

In PyCharm / IntelliJ you can see yellow notification of the

Java 11 and Ubuntu Assistive technology not found AWTError

While running a Java program on gnome - Ubuntu 18.

Ubuntu 18/IntelliJ check and install Java SDK/JDK

Update November 2019: The correct way to install Oracle JDK

JIRA how to format code python, SQL, Java

You have two options of formatting code in JIRA: * using

Discord group and free live sessions for beginners in programming

Hey guys. I plan to do experiment with teaching programming

Python/Java bad and good code comments examples

In this article are shown the sins of comments and

Example interview for Java beginners 2018

Dear Java beginners, please find interview questions for Java beginners

Java 8 map sort by value, key or insert order

Since Java 8 sorting of HashMap in Java it'

Java parse String into int

Java string to int String which are numbers can be