If you want to customize terminal of Ubuntu / Linux Mint you can do it by:

  • changing fonts, colors
  • save and load profiles
  • remove user and host information

Hide current user, host and folder in terminal

if you want temporary - only for the current session to remove this information than you can do:

export PS1='> '

Permanent change for your terminal by adding previous line to your: ~/.bashrc

sudo echo export PS1='> ' >> ~/.bashrc
source ~/.bashrc

Creating new profile

  • right click in terminal
  • Show menubar
  • Go to File
  • New profile...
  • chose Name..

Selecting profile

  • right click in terminal
  • Profile
  • Select profile
  • Default
  • NewProfile

Edit profile

  • From the Menu
  • Edit
  • Tab General
  • uncheck Use the system fixed width font
  • Font
  • Change font
  • Close