3 Skills That Will Toss Your Productivity

Do you know the virtues of the programmer?

Here they are:
"The three chief virtues of a programmer are: Laziness, Impatience and Hubris." - Larry Wall

Laziness: I'm too lazy to boring tasks instead of automation. This saves me time to learn new things and find new ways.

Impatience: I'm too impatient to wait for some else approval. I’m finding a solution myself and starting new challenge.

Hubris: I know that I can find a way to do something. The problem is not: is it going to work? The problem is to find the optimal solution!

Do you know the skills for performance boost?

While I’m not a fan of project management endless motoes, motivational phrases and way of working. I do belief that productivity can be change but not from outside – the change should be from inside.

We wait for the special event – a company course, new project, position change, boss incentives or a colleague who finds a better opportunity. Risking not to like the change or to get it in a bad moment.
How do we change this?

With training and little practice day by day. Start with small steps 15 minutes daily and increase depending on your needs. After a month you will feel the difference.

What should you practice? Three simple skills that can be turned into daily routines with repeated practice.

The 3 Skills

Lab Diary: Being a strange kind of a skill. Writing a “lab diary” will help you to know all tasks that you’ve done, improve your memory and you will have a private source of information. I know that google has everything, but some problems require personal treatment. It could be a paper one but I prefer digital or even a blog. My lab diary is a small program that produce well organized help file. I'll share in a later post.

Good Organization: You should know what is your next task and even the tasks for the next week. Having a daily schedule – not very precise one but good enough in order to finish your job in the planned time. My daily plan is 8 hours rest, 8 hours work and 8 hours entertainment.

Curiosity: I’m constantly curious person. How it’s working this, what is made of that, can I write a new type of AI etc. I’m always looking for new things and ways of doing something. So I believe that there is not best language, application or tool – instead I’m searching for the optimal one for the moment!

Please share your skills if any,