We're live! Nice. Let's get started. This blog - softhints.com is for all people who interact daily with IT and IT related problems. The main goal is to make your life easier and to save your most valuable - your precious time!

Getting Started

Topics that will be covered here:

  • How to approach daily problems
  • Automation
    • Sample examples and usage
    • When is appropriate
  • Best practices
    • Be a better you
    • Follow the trends
    • How to organize you time, environments, knowledge
  • Basic principles in IT
    • Be a better you
    • Follow the trends
  • People and IT
    • How to communicate in IT environment
    • How to manage project, others people and yourself
  • Programming
    • How to start
    • Grow your knowledge
    • Write smarter
    • Practical programming for non programmers
  • Migration
    • from a system to system
    • from a language to another
  • Tips'n'Tricks
    • some good but not very popular tricks
    • old bug gold recipes
    • Software hints
  • IT slang
    • at this point you can help us :)

That should be enough to get you started. Have fun - and let us know what you think :)