This is part of the new programming course exploring how the bilingual education can be used in learning programming. The course will be available online during the training and will presented in small blog post in next months. The initial plan was the course to be only in Java. But my friend who is the main participant in it asked: is it possible to start learning with two programming languages at the same time? So this is how the idea of experiment Bilingual programming education in Java and Python was born.

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Inspiration for Bilingual programming

Neurons, Neurons, Neurons. It's hard to imagine that everything in our life in controlled by those little things in our head. And yet it can be hard to believe that we don't use their potential or at least most of us. I asked myself as a programmer: How can I boost my learning process? What more can be done in order to become a better programmer? So I've started several experiments like:

And this one is the next step and the answer of the questions above. This course is where my search is meeting practice: bilingual programming - Java + Python. In the last years learning programming is always associate with one language and many people tend to spend months in founding the best one. This can be changed in future if this program prove good results.

As a concept the course is also inspired and it will take knowledge by bilingual education for foreign languages - a big topic with traditions in our society.

What I know from the articles about bilingualism is process that change our neurons in the brain for good: making the humans - more productive, learning faster and with longer memory in time.

So if you want to be part of this experiment please follow the course and feel free to share your comments and critics in the comment section below.

Why Java and Python

Because of several reasons:

  • I have experience in those two languages
  • I use them in my daily work as a programmer
  • Very popular languages with high demand