How to delete Firefox 57 history

  • Press the Library button (library icon)
  • Click History
  • Press Clear Recent History
  • Select what do you want to delete:
  • Time range - First select the time period that you want to be cleared.
  • Next select content that you want to be deleted:

Usually I delete everything except - Active Logins and Site Preferences

  1. Browsing & Download History
  2. Form & Search Bar History:
  3. Cookies:
  4. Cache
  5. Active Logins
  6. Offline Website Data
  7. Site Preferences
  • Finally, click the Clear Now button.

How to delete prior Firefox 57 history

  • Go to Menu button (The hamburger button)
  • Click History
  • Click Clear Recent History
  • Next steps are similar as the section(How to delete Firefox 57 history )

Delete single page from history

  • Show history by using menu or with shorcut CTRL + H
  • Select the page that you want to delete
  • Press Del or right click Delete