This brief tutorial shows how to create shortcuts in Linux Mint for files and folders.

There are two ways of creating shortcut in Linux Mint:

  • Using Nemo
  • by terminal

Create File/Folder Shortcut in Nemo

To create a shortcut using the file explorer, simply follow the steps below:

  • Open Nemo
  • Select the file or the folder
  • Press CTRL + Shift
  • Drag and drop the selected file or folder

A new shortcut file with the name pattern - Link to is created in the same location.

The shortcut can be moved to another folder or the Desktop.

Create Shortcuts in terminal

If you want to create a shortcut(symlink) in the terminal you can use the next command.

To create create a symbolic link of folder /home/Documents which is at /mnt/docs:

ln -s /home/Documents /mnt/docs

If you like to find more about command ln check:

man ln

Note: Using command ln will create a shortcut with the same name as the original folder.

Check and Follow Shortcut

Once the shortcut is create it can be followed from the context menu:

  • Right Click on Shortcut ( it will appear arrow in the right bottom corner)
  • Follow link to original file

The Shortcuts are displayed differently from folders:


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