In this article, you will learn how to download videos from any site (including Youtube) for offline viewing or to preserve them for future use. While some websites offer built-in download options, most platforms do not provide such features.

We will explore various methods to download videos from different websites, ensuring you can enjoy your favorite content at your convenience.

P.S. Check Website Policies: before delving into any downloading process, it's important to familiarize yourself with the website's terms of service.

1. Direct Download

The easiest way to download video from a site is when the site allows direct download.

For example you can try with wikipedia:

Inspect The Videos

For the tech-savvy users, browser developer tools can be utilized to download videos. By inspecting the webpage elements and locating the video source URL, users can directly download videos without relying on third-party tools.

This method, however, requires some knowledge of HTML and may not work on all websites. For example:

2. Browser Extension - Video DownloadHelper

The next way to download videos from websites is by using browser extensions. There are several extensions available for popular browsers like Chrome and Firefox.

Add-ons like Video DownloadHelper provide interface, allowing users to save the content directly to their devices from single video or streaming.


To install extension follow these links:

Add Video DownloadHelper Companion App

You may need to add companion app to download and convert with this extinctions. You can find instructions here: Video DownloadHelper Companion App 2.0.10

For Linux the instructions are:

Download the file: vdhcoapp-2.0.10-linux-x86_64.tar.bz2

and install it by:

tar xf vdhcoapp-2.0.10-linux-x86_64.tar.bz2 -C ~
~/vdhcoapp-2.0.10/vdhcoapp install

Download Video

To download videos with extension: Video DownloadHelper:

  • Open the site
  • Start the video or the stream
  • Open the Extension
  • Select the video
  • Select Quick Download - from the drop down menu

3. Youtube and Other platforms Download

Download managers and command tools such as:

offer advanced features for downloading videos. These tools can intercept video URLs and provide additional options like batch downloading, scheduling, speed control and conversion.

However, it's essential to note that some websites may employ measures to prevent downloads, and download managers might not work in every case.

Example for Youtube:

Install youtube-dl

To install the command tool use:

sudo -H pip install --upgrade youtube-dl

for more installation options check: youtube-dl#installation

Download Commands

Below you can find several useful download commands:

# single video download
yt-dlp ''

# download and convert to mp3
yt-dlp -f bestaudio  "" --exec "ffmpeg -i {}  -codec:a libmp3lame -qscale:a 0 {}.mp3 && rm {} "

If you face errors you may need to update the tool. For more examples check the ReadMe

4. Screen Recording

When other methods fail, screen recording becomes a viable option. Screen recording software, like:

  • OBS Studio
  • Kazam
  • Camtasia

captures whatever is displayed on your screen, including streaming videos. While this method is effective, it may result in lower video quality and larger file sizes.

5. Online Download Services

Numerous online services offer downloading videos as a service from various websites. Websites like:

  • KeepVid
  • Y2mate etc

enable users to paste the video URL and download the content in their preferred format and quality.

These services often support a wide range of platforms, making them versatile and user-friendly.


Downloading videos from any website can be achieved through various methods, each with its own set of advantages and limitations. While these methods provide solutions, it's essential to respect the rights and policies of content creators and website owners.

Always ensure that you have the right to download and use the content before proceeding. By following the guidelines mentioned above, you can enjoy your favorite videos offline without compromising on legality or ethical considerations.