In this tutorial, we'll see how to solve a IntelliJ and Pycharm error – Osolete Launcher Script Found.

We get this error from the IntelliJ and Pycharm IDEs when there is old launcher script usually placed in /usr/local/bin/charm.

Instructions provided by IDE are unclear as it can be understand from this issue:

Unclear/missing instructions for removing obsolete command line launcher

Reproduce - obsolete launcher script found

To reproduce this error:

  • open IntelliJ IDEA / PyCharm (Ultimate and Community Edition)
  • you will see a notification indicating that an obsolete launcher script found

The annoying notification is shown and not clear how to be removed.

P.S. The error was still shown even if I start from the JetBrains Toolbox. Even upgrade of the tool or PyCharm didn't help.

Fix - obsolete launcher script found

In my case the fix was to remove the launchers:

  • /usr/local/bin/idea
  • /usr/local/bin/charm

Since I'ms starting the IDE-s from the Linux Mint menu nothing else was needed from my side.

To remove them in Ubuntu you can use:

sudo rm idea
sudo rm charm