In Intellij IDEA dependency is successfully imported, no warnings or problems are reported. However, it cannot find classes in the editor, saying "Cannot resolve symbol 'Class'.

Solution Check pom.xml file

  • Find the maven file by Ctrl+Shift+N
  • Type the file name: pom.xml
  • Open the file
  • Make sure that the dependencies in it.

Solution Reimport module

  • maven tab (on the right side pane) or
  • right click your pom.xml and pick Maven
  • Reimport All maven projects

Solution Download Sources

Sometimes IntelliJ doesn't do this automatically, something you can change in :

  • Settings
  • Build, Execution, Deployment
  • Build tools
  • Maven
  • Importing and enable Import Maven projects automativally.

Solution import the class

  • Put your cursor on the red part of the import
  • the import; part
  • wait for the red lamp to appear
  • and the choose "add to class path"

P.S. you can check also : Intellij IDEA 2017 unable to resolve class