PLugin manager is missing in latest versions of Notepad++. In 64 bit version of Notepad++ and after versions 7.5 the plugin manager will not be part of Notepad++. The reason is that is third party software and it's showing ads. The creator of Notepad++ is not happy with ads and decided to not included in future releases.

Download previous version

You can go to:

Notepad++ All versions

And chose version. Personally I'm using:

Notepad++ 32 bit 7.4.2

Note that 64 version says:

Note that the most of plugins (including Plugin Manager) are not yet available in x64

Install Notepad++ plugin manager

  • Go to nppPluginManager
  • Download latest version (current 1.4.9)
  • Notepad++
  • settings
  • import
  • import plugin(s)
    worked with np++ v7.5.4 (64-bit)