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How to Solve Windows 10 Black Screen with Cursor and Blue Circle

Looking to solve - Windows 10 displays a black screen

Create and Boot Linux Live USB on windows machine

Linux live USB can be great tool in many problematic

Python download and install for Windows / Ubuntu

In this post: * download python * general tips for choosing version

VirtualBox Boot Live Linux in Windows Guest

If you want to run live CD or USB in

Java 8 set java_home on Windows 10

Problem how to set up java home Before setting up

Java 9 detect OS information

In this tutorial you can see how to find the

Windows 10 list environment variables by command line

What are environment variables They are special feature of OS

How to open and search huge files - Windows, Linux

Most people have different definitions for huge files and moreover

extract, add or list zip files in windows and linux

Simple tips for using zips files no matter of the

firefox and chrome slow load, time tracking and ad block extensions

Surfing is one of the biggest time consumers in modern