In this post, I'll show you how to disable:

Do you want to run "", or display its contents?

warning when you run bash script(for Linux Mint and Ubuntu)

Step #1: Disable completely: Do you want to run or display its contents

The behavior of Linux file browsers like Nautilus or Nemo can be changed for bash scripts. In order to disable the prompt follow next steps:

  • Edit
  • Preferences
  • Behavior
  • Executable Text Files
  • Run executable text files when they are opened

You can find the settings for Linux Mint 19.3:


Step #2: Disable: Do you want to run or display its contents - per file

If you prefer to keep the original settings but execute only one file without warning: Do you want to run or display.. then you can create desktop or panel launcher for your script by:

  • Right click on your Desktop
  • Create a new launcher here
  • Enter
    • file Name - Music
    • the link to the script - /home/vanx/Projects/
    • Icon - if you like to use custom icon for your script
  • Run the launcher

Exactly the same behavior can be achieved by creating panel launcher - the difference is that you is:

  • Right click to Panel
  • Add

Now the annoying message will not pop up anymore:


If you like to learn more about Linux Mint shortcuts or scripts you can visit: