In this programming interview you can find information and inspiration by a person who started to learn programming language (Python) in order to enrich his skills and ease work days. He shares inspiration, philosophy, struggles and interesting moments. A key takeaway for me is ( and for wanna-be coders or Python Beginners):

Please start learning the language from today. It takes time to learn. It's not only learning syntax, it is much more than that.

This is the second part of interesting life stories for programmers. If you like to participate - please contact me or just add comment below this article. The first interview with young but talented Python programmer is here:

Programmers Hall of Fame: Dibakar Saha

1. Tell us about yourself?

My name is Himanshu. I am a Postdoctoral Fellow at Aix Marseille University, Marseille, France. I am working in the area of Genomics and its transcriptional regulation (Human Biology). My work mainly utilizes software developed to analyze and maintain biological information to comprehend pathological conditions associated with cancer.

2. Why did you start to code? What was your inspiration then and now?

Biological experiments produce a huge amount of data. To analyze and specific format tabulation without error, programming language is required. So, my labmates and supervisor suggested that I start with the Python programming language.

3. How long is your experience in programming?

I have started programming in Python since 2018. I am also very happy with the groups which help new programmers. It is an actual saviour. For me is the one for Python programming language. I highly appreciate it.

4. Is it easy to be a programmer in your country?

Yes. There are a lot of courses being conducted by private and government courses.

5. What is your philosophy about programming?

"To make life easy, programming is a must."

6. Do you consider yourself a good programmer? What would like to improve?

I am a fast learner of Python Programming. I am still struggling with Object Oriented Programming, Parallel Processing. In addition to this Visualization is also a promising and must learn area for me.

7. Are you a solo or team player?

I am a solo worker of my current project.

8. What do you think about Remote Work?

I believe the remote work concept is very useful. It helps in avoiding various work restrictions like time boundation, place boundation etc.

9. What have you learned from mistakes?

To make yourself better, make a lot of mistakes. But repetition of mistakes are not allowed.

10. Does programming affect your life? In what ways?

It affected my life a lot. It saves a lot of time and also makes my work error free.

11. Can you share some best / funny memories in programming?

"Value of a single white space"
I have developed a pipeline that is working for 8 months properly. But recently I received a properly formatted input file to process with the same pipeline. I wasted almost 20 days on it. Then I figured out a single white space in first line of input file.


So, I learned before checking your code you need to be confirmed about the formatting of the input file as well.

12. What is your hardware configuration?

Processor: i7; RAM 16 GB; Hard Disk: 512 GB

13. Do you have a favourite OS, apps, language? Why?

I work on Ubuntu/Windows, Python Language. I understand these because I have been working on it since 2018. That is why I like them.

14. What is your advice for people who start now in programming / Data Science(any applicable)?

Please start learning the language from today. It takes time to learn. It's not only learning syntax, it is much more than that. Once you learn your life is very very easy.